We hope that you will find Honoured Members Club's approach to manners and etiquette fun, informative and inspirational, the manners and etiquette topics you can explore with us include:
Manners & Etiquette Course
• How to use good manners and etiquette successfully both professionally and socially
• How to meet and greet people - use of language, body language, and other protocols
• What to talk about or not talk about; how to meet and greet people - and say farewell
• How to present yourself - what makes you well presented ? Posture, body language, dress code, social occasions etiquette, positive thinking, developing self confidence
• Manners and etiquette regarding eating and drinking 'taking tea' - the typically English experience of 'afternoon tea' - the etiquette of serving it and an introduction to its history
• The correct way to set out a table for dining
• The correct way to serve at dinner
• Table manners
• Eating difficult foods
Manners & Etiquette | Horse Riding, Hunting & Game Shooting | Polo, Golf & Fishing | Accommodation in Castles | Bible Classes