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A Few Christian Workplace Groups
Upcoming Events
King of kings' Grand Ball

Featuring an extremely distinguished and influential list of FTSE 100 companies, VIPs and public figures, the event also promises to be an excellent networking opportunity.

We are Christian Kingdom: Helping to achieve organisational transformation through building relationships and delivering value for businesses and the Kingdom of God.

Christian Kingdom Business (CKB) provides an international Christian professional network and support for Directors, Executives, Senior Managers, Managers, Junior Professionals, New Recruits and the Wider Corporate Community. It is an initiative of Christians within the workplace.

Most organisations are firmly committed to the
Diversity Agenda. The business case for having a diverse workforce has become better established and accepted as fact. As a result, Christian workplace groups are now firmly embedded within many organisations.

The Ambition

It is envisaged that our network will result in business development opportunities for our organisations as well as further motivate Christian members of staff to be actively involved in and engaged with their firm's growth strategy.

The Approach

Christian Kingdom Business will focus on a programme of networking events and presentations supported by a dedicated events website and an active Linkedin community via
The benefits to our workplaces are likely to include direct business leads, reputational gains amongst potential recruits and clients.

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