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Christian Kingdom Business (CKB) provides an international Christian professional network and support for Directors, Executives, Senior Managers, Managers, Junior Professionals, New Recruits and the Wider Corporate Community. It is an initiative of Christians within the workplace.

Why do we need it?
- Time constraints of the average worker
- This makes it difficult to attend weekly lunchtime meetings
- As a result there is a missed opportunity to extend and deepen our networks
- Christians need formal business development objectives in order to succeed in the workplace.

What are our objectives?
- Networks: to extend and strengthen existing networks and to create new networking opportunities for our members
- Engagement: To support, equip, develop and motivate Christians in their call to the workplace
- Awareness: to raise the profile of existing Christian activities.

How will it work in practice?
- Traditional methods combined with use of online social media
- Annual programme of networking events, presentations and prayer breakfasts
- Dedicated events website
- Supported by a Christian Linkedin Community

What are the wider benefits for our workplaces?
- Support of overall strategy to build relationships and create value
- Directly develop new business opportunities for our firms
- Reputational benefits - attracting new recruits and clients.
CK's Approach to Business Solutions
Be immersed in all five topics of the "CK's Approach"- Leadership Excellence, Selection, Training & Engagement, Quality Service, Brand Loyalty and Creativity & Innovation. Examine our legendary "Chain of Excellence" you need to create powerful connections between inspired leaders, motivated employees and satisfied customers yielding excellent financial results and repeat business.
Business Solutions - Overview
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People Management
Quality Assurance
Brand Loyalty
Business Start Up